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Born in Lyon in 1945, Hubert Niogret has been a photographer, assistant director, production manager, documentary film director, film producer and lecturer in film economics at Paris I and Paris III. As a film critic, he collaborated on “Young Cinema” before writing regularly in “Positive”.

Hubert made a name for himself through his texts on Asian cinema, particularly Japanese cinema, from Mizoguchi and Ozu to Oshima and Kurosawa (about whom he published a book in 1995). He also explored the cinema of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea, and wrote about both Polish and Indian cinema, as well as western and animation. A master of cinematic technique, he has also interviewed numerous cinematographers.

Co-founder of the Short Film Agency, he has developed a strong interest in this format, which led him to produce a weekly program, “Fenêtre sur court”, in 1995-1996.

His work as a director includes “Hong Kong Cinema”, (presented at the Hong Kong, Udine and Locarno International Film Festivals), “Les renaissances du cinéma coréen” (The Revival of Korean Cinema), 62 mins (presented at numerous festivals).

In 2010, he directed “Once upon a time… the little world of Don Camillo“.