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MICHAEL DOUGLAS, THE CHILD PRODIGY – Selected at Cannes Classics

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A documentary by Amine Mestari

Selected at Cannes Classics.

Being the son of a famous father is no easy feat, and Michael Douglas knows this all too well. It took him a long time to break free from the shadow of his father, the great Kirk Douglas, and establish himself as a celebrity in his own right. With remarkable perseverance, Michael pursued a dual career as an actor and producer, earning an Oscar for each. Yet, despite his numerous triumphs, he faced significant personal struggles including legal troubles, alcohol addiction, a tumultuous personal life, and a battle with cancer in addition to his son’s imprisonment for drug trafficking.

Through the story of his turbulent life, this documentary aims to showcase how Michael overcame the label of being a Hollywood icon’s son to become a legend in the industry himself. Alongside Jane Fonda, he is among the select few who have achieved this rare feat in Hollywood.