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Born in 1970, Michaël Prazan is a writer and documentary filmmaker. After studying modern literature at the Sorbonne, he moved to Japan in 1994 where he taught French at the French Alliance. He returned to France in 1996, with a PGCE in Literature, and taught literature in various high schools of the Créteil Academy. After publishing several essays, he obtained a doctorate in stylistics at the Sorbonne.

Passionate about contemporary history, Michaël Prazan is interested in the radical movements of the 1960s and murderous ideologies. After writing a book on the Japanese Red Army (The Fanatics, Seuil 2002), he directed a documentary film (“Japan, the Red Years”) while continuing his activities as a journalist and teacher. He published his thesis in 2005 under the title: “L’écriture génocidaire; l’antisémitisme en style et en discours” (Genocidal Writing; Anti-Semitism in Style and Discourse).

In 2008, he directed an essential film on the Holocaust by bullets “Einsatzgruppen, the Death Commandos” 2 x 90 minutes, currently available on Netflix. Other film projects include “A History of Terrorism”, “The Trial of Adolf Eichmann” and “The Exercise of Justice”. In 2017, he directed a very personal documentary about his father’s story, “The smuggler and her charges”. His last film “Goulags” was broadcast in April 2019 on France 2.

He is currently developing with Folamour a documentary film for the cinema about a high school in the Parisian suburbs.