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Writer  Serge July
Director Serge July
Image Caroline Champetier, Yorick Le Saux
Sound Stephan Bauer
Editing Nathalie Langlade
Length 52 minutes
Format HD – 16/9
Broadcaster France 5
Copyright Folamour – 2009




  • René FRYDMAN

This is the story of a “Life vocation”: how a man makes personal, professional, ethical and political choices that appear to be almost absolutely coherent, to the point of becoming “the irresistible Mr. Baby “. A man who, in terms of conceptualization and emergence of social choices, embodies a certain vision of the clinical world and scientific requirements.

It is the story of a pioneer, as well as a collective story, the story of the teams that succeeded one another, with him, in the maternity ward of the Antoine Béclère hospital in Clamart.

It is the story of a man who has fought countless battles, for women’s freedom, for mothers and the yearning for birth, for medically assisted procreation, for cellular medicine. A man who appreciates the confrontation of ideas and projects, who likes to commit himself, to be involved, because that’s what drives him.

It is the story of a man who loves to give birth, who loves to save life or make it possible, and who feels reborn with every full-term delivery, often after many twists and turns.

It is the story of a man in a hurry and impatient, always on the move, who has a thousand projects to carry out and a thousand lives to live. And he speaks.

“I am – he says – a doctor of modern times, I do not accept fatalism, I challenge the infinitely small, I believe in the laws of desire, but the child that comes is not the result of our science. He is a mystery, a sacred enigma. Should we forget this, we would trivialize life”.