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Official Selection – Cannes Film Festival


Yves Jeuland
Image Yves Jeuland
Editins Lizi Gelber
Mixing Amelie Canini
Sound editing
Bruno Reiland
Calibration Eric Salleron
Graphics Olivier Marquézy
Original score
Eric Slabiak
Folamour – 2014
Broadcaster Rezo Films

Protagonists :

    • Didier POURQUERY, deputy director of the editorial staff of “Le Monde”
    • Abel MESTRE, journalist
    • Thomas WIEDER, journalist in charge of François Hollande’s campaign
    • Raphaëlle BACQUÉ, great reporter
    • Ariane CHEMIN, great reporter
    • Arnaud LEPARMENTIER, journalist
    • Caroline MONNOT, journalist
    • David REVAULT D’ALLONNES, journalist in charge of François Hollande’s campaign
    • Florence AUBENAS, great reporter
    • Patrick ROGER, journalist
    • Serge MICHEL, journalist
    • Sylvia ZAPPI, journalist
    • Luc BRONNER, journalist
    • Aline LECLERC, journalist
    • Patrick JARREAU, journalist
    • Cécile PRIEUR, journalist
    • Gérard COURTOIS, journalist
    • Nabil WAKIM,journalist
    • Nathaniel HERZBERG,journalist
    • Josyane SAVIGNEAU, journalist
    • Erik IZRAELEWICZ, Editorial Director of “Le Monde”
    • Jean PLANTU, artist

At a time when the press is facing the great upheavals that the arrival of blogs, tweets and other web revolutions represents, this film offers a journey into the heart of the work of the Political Service journalists of “Le Monde”, during the 2012 presidential election campaign, which saw François Hollande defeat Nicolas Sarkozy. In the newsroom as well as in the field, the film presents the debates that take place in the evening edition of the daily newspaper. As privileged spectators of the oppositions and tensions in the newsroom, we also experience the enthusiasm and laughter of the journalists, their fatigue and doubts, the daily life of the daily newspaper. The story of a profession undergoing profound changes in one of the most prestigious publications of the world’s press, which is about to celebrate its seventieth anniversary.

“The daily life of a daily newspaper, as if you were there…”