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Official selection 2016 – Festival Premiers Plans of Angers


Director Naël Marandin
Interpretation Qiu Lan, Yannick Choirat, Louise Chen, Philippe Laudenbach
Script Naël Marandin and Marion Doussot
Director of Photography Colin Houben
Editor Damien Maestraggi
Sound Engineer Mathieu Descamps
Sound Editor Jocelyn Robert
Mixing Dominique Gaborieau
Head decorator Samuel Teisseire A.D.C
Casting director Annette Trumel
Music The Ghostdance
Production Folamour Productions – Marie Genin
Co-production Vito Films – Isaac Sharry
Year 2016
Length and Format of the 80 mins – 1,85
Projection Support DCP (Blu-ray if necessairy)
Filming languages french and Chinese
Versions French (with subtitles) and English
Broadcaster Rezo Films
Press Officer Monica Dunati –
Assisted by
Cilia Gonzalez –

Lin Aiyu, an undocumented Chinese woman, lives in the neighbourhood of Belleville in Paris, with her teenage daughter Cerise. They are staying at Kieffer’s, a bedridden septuagenarian Lin takes care of in exchange for accommodation. To earn a living, Lin prostitutes herself, but she carefully keeps her activity secret from her daughter.

One day, a wounded stranger forces his way into Kieffer’s home. Pursued by men to whom he owes money, Daniel forces Lin Aiyu to hide him unbeknownst to the old man. In Lin’s view, Daniel is a threat but he could also be a life-changing opportunity. She offers him a deal which will give rise to a struggle of combined power and desire.