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Directors Serge July and Daniel Ablin
Writers Serge July and Antoine de Gaudemar
Original score
Thomas Verovski
Image Eric Genillier, Lucas Millard
Sound Denis Lepeut, Guillaume Valeix
Editing Isabelle Martin
Length 52′
Format HDCam, 16/9e
Versions French and English
Copyrights Folamour – 2018
Broadcasters France 5


Protagonists :

  • JR, artist
  • Jean DE LOISY, Director of the Palais de Tokyo
  • Fabrice BOUSTEAU, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Beaux-Arts”
  • Emile ABINAL, director of the JR/Paris studio
  • Laurent LE BON, Director of the Picasso Museum
  • Dominique WOLTON, sociologist
  • Ladj LY, director, close friend of JR’s
  • Magda DANYSZ, contemporary art gallerist
  • Agnès VARDA, filmmaker

At 35 years old, photographer JR is a street art worldwide star. Discovered after the Paris’ suburb riots of 2005 for his portraits of young hood people, his collages have adorned the galleries of the Louvre, the Pompidou Centre, the Pantheon, the National Assembly ever since … From New York to Shanghai, and the Israeli-Palestinian wall to the US-Mexico border, he has stuck or exhibited giant photos on the walls of dozens of countries and associated hundreds of thousands of unknown people with his projects. With the active collaboration of the artist himself, the documentary “# JR” tells the extraordinary adventure of this art activist whose spectacular interventions are all clear expressions of humanism, pacifism or remembrance relayed by his very strong involvement in social networks. For JR, art can help change the world.