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Serge July and Daniel Ablin
Image Dominique Fausset, Valentin Caron, Eric Genillier
Sound Thierry Blandin, Denis Lepeut
Editing Pauline Dairou
Editing and Graphics
Thomas Rouard
52 mins
HDCam, 16/9e
French and English
Folamour – ARTE France – 2015
Broadcaster ARTE

Protagonists :

    • Gerard FROMANGER, artist
    • Jean-Luc CHALUMEAU, art historian and critic
    • Michel GAUTHIER, historian and curator of the “Fromanger” exhibition at the Pompidou Centre
    • Jean-Jacques AILLAGON, curator of the exhibition “La résistance des images” in Brussels
    • Olivier ZAHM, director of the magazine “Purple”
    • Roxane AZIMI, Chief Editor of the “Journal des Arts”

Gérard Fromanger is a celebrated and frequently contested painter whose work has been exhibited for over 50 years. He belongs to the 60s generation, a pop generation in Great Britain and the United States, and which in Europe was characterized as ” the new figuration “, ” the free figuration ” and ” the narrative figuration “. What these artistic movements have in common is that, unlike all their predecessors, they adopted the consumer society and the media society as their exclusive subjects.

His pictorial language of the past half century consists of silhouettes of crowds, lines, networks and primary colours. For him, painting remains a medium capable of deciphering and imagining the mutations of the world. The film explores this language, breaks it down and reassembles it.

The film “Gérard Fromanger a painter’s path” is also a journey into modern and contemporary art.

Born in 1939, the painter has exhibited his work in many galleries and museums around the world, known to many artists in France and abroad and has closely studied the metamorphosis of modern and contemporary art.

Shot in the midst of Parisian and Sienese crowds, the film “Gérard Fromanger a painter’s path” features the painter in conversation with several personalities from the art world.

Gérard Fromanger was the subject of an exhibition in 2016 at the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Pompidou Centre.