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Writer Serge July
Director Serge July
Image Caroline Champetier
Sound Gregory Le Maitre, Julien Gigliotti, Thierry Blandin
Editing Tina Baz
Length 52 minutes
Format HD Cam – 16/9
Version French
Broadcasters France5, NHK, RTBF, TSR



Protagonist :

  • Agnès b

Agnès Troublé has a real passion for life: she loves clothes, cinema, music, photography, painting, creations, life and the youth of the world.

This child of Lenôtre – the creator of the gardens of Versailles near which she lived as a child – and of May 68, went to art school. Her dream was to become a museum curator. She fulfilled it by becoming a great collector, a photographer and a filmmaker soon after. At the age of 19, she put her artistic talents at the service of fast-growing ready-to-wear brands. She registered the trademark agnès b, whose lower case letters are a manifesto. The “b” is the initial of the name of the father of her two boys, and the “a” is a minimalist bias. She opened her first fashion boutique in 1975 on the Rue du Jour in Paris with her second husband, Jean René de Fleurieu.

For this stylist, who has lived to the rhythm of rock and new wave, fashion comes from films, concerts and above all from the street. She will demystify fashion, invent “no fashion” and generic clothes. Her taste for sophistication and simplicity led her to visit the empire of signs: Japan. It will be love at first sight for her and for the brand that will contribute to making Agnès B a global brand.

Serge July followed Agnès in her “factory” in the rue Dieu in Paris where she develops and centralizes all her activities, in her travels, in the making of her collections and some of her passions. Portrait of a woman through her declarations of love.