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A series of short testimonials directed by Isabelle Sarfati

Today, one woman in eight is diagnosed with breast cancer in France. It is a long suffering, filled with pain, loneliness, distress, but also courage and hope. It is a journey that is both merciless and unpredictable: the announcement of the disease, the life that is turned upside down, the repeated treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, operations), the possible relapses, and finally, for 80% of patients, the recovery, the breast reconstruction, the convalescence, the return to what is hoped will be a normal life. Throughout this process, these women meet and are surrounded by doctors who accompany them step by step, talk to them, operate on them, treat them, and bring them back to life. Strong relationships are developed, until patients and doctors form real combat teams against the disease. This film project, carried out in collaboration with the Breast cancer centre by director Isabelle Sarfati, herself a reconstructive surgeon, is aimed primarily at exploring this relationship. The objective is to show how the doctor-patient relationship plays a decisive role in the acceptance of the disease. Through short filmed testimonies of practitioners and patients, the project also has a therapeutic purpose. By providing important and clear information about the disease and treatments, it seeks to alleviate the apprehension that patients feel when they are told about their cancer.


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