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Order !

Un film de Mathieu Verboud

The aim of this film is to recount the final episode in the saga of Brexit since the arrival in power of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

As a reminder, this is a saga that has unfolded across three “seasons”: the first in 2016, with the decision of then Prime Minister David Cameron to host the United Kingdom’s first referendum on a possible departure from the European Union, which he loses.

The second sees his successor, Theresa May, stumble at every hurdle in her attempts to rally a parliamentary majority behind her Brexit plan, before ultimately giving up the fight.

Our third episode began back in July 2019, with the arrival of Boris Johnson at Downing Street. The third Prime Minister immediately finds himself confronted by a House of Commons in protest against his at- tempts to force Brexit through. A parliament in disarray, then a parliament dissolved, paving the way for the elections of 12 December last year.

Elections that would see a thumping victory for the Prime Minister who is now in a position to make the UK’s departure from the European Union effective on 31 January 2020.

The divorce agreement has yet to be finalized at the legal, commercial and institutional levels, through negotiations scheduled to end on 31 December 2021. It is this last act that constitutes the backbone of this documentary.

This saga, which has plunged Great Britain into a political and moral crisis without precedent since the Second World War, has unfolded live beneath the cameras of the House of Commons, that symbolic heart of British democracy.

This film will be exclusively compiled from televised coverage of the intense and sometimes dramatic debates in the House of Commons.

The recordings are a testament to the bitterness of the political debate in the United Kingdom and of the disagreements that for three years now have been tearing British society to pieces.



Broadcasted on LCP soon